To train fast means, get the incumbents out of the learning hall and onto the machines he or she is supposed to operate.

First Aid Level 1 Perform Basic Life Support and First Aid Procedures, First Aid Level 2 Provide Risk Based Primary Emergency Care First Aid in The Workplace, First Aid Level 3 Provide First Aid in an Advanced First Responder, Perform Basic Life Support and First Aid Procedures, Provide Risk-Based Primary Emergency Care First Aid in the Workplace

Our company's philosophy is to achieve victory with every training course we present, and to ensure ALL the incumbents succeed in their assessment and become Certified Lifting, Earthmoving, Mining and Forestry Machine Operators / Drivers and OHS Representatives in First Aid, Basic Fire Fighting, SHE Representatives, conveyers of dangerous goods, and much more. We always achieve victory because we never give up on any of our learners. Our Novus's go's on to become the Best!

With our 100% Money back Guarantee, companies can rest assured that we walk the extra mile to get their employees / staff trained and that they succeed.  We give you our clients the reassurance that we will do whatever it takes to get your employees trained. Not everybody is per say trainable in certain fields, but we guarantee that we will at no extra cost to yourself, train and train again to ensure we have explored ALL avenues to get your employee succeed in his or her course and get them qualified and accredited.



Registered Assessors and Moderators with ETDP-SETA, MQA, TETA, CETA and FP&M SETA’s, please register your information by clicking the tab below, and START training or moderating for our company TODAY!


Our Company Story


Our Vision in the fulfilment of our Mission is to be Your One-Stop all-inclusive Training Academy specialising in all types of Lifting and Earthmoving Equipment / Machines, SHE Representative Training, Convey Dangerous Goods by Road Hazchem, Basic Fire Fighting and First Aid Level 1 Training!

Our Company Vision Statement


We like to do things quicker and better, hence our "No Fuss No Thrill" mentality when it comes to training your staff. We are a small, yet dedicated team of Assessors and Moderators and train throughout the entire country. Simply put, our story is: WE ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST!

Comply with Legal Requirements for a Construction Contract (Construction Regulations), Explain and Perform Fall Arrest Techniques when Working at Height, Occupational Health and Safety Representative, Operate a Scraper, Operate a Skid Steer Loader, Operate a Wheeled Dozer, Operate a Backhoe Loader (TLB), Operate a Tracked Dozer, Operate a Dragline, Operate a Tip Truck, Operate a Grader, Operate an Excavator, Operate an Articulated Dump Truck, Operate a Face Shovel, Operate a Front End Loader, Operate a Water Cart, Operate a Tractor, Operate a Roller, Basic Fire Fighting, Operate a Cab Control Overhead Crane, Operate a Pendant Control Overhead Crane, Operate a Mobile Crane, Operate Advanced Defined Purpose Lift Trucks Codes F5 F8 F9 F13 F14 F15 F16, Operate a Counter Balance Lift Truck F1 F2 F3 F4 Forklift Training, Operate Truck Mounted Cranes, Operate a Power Pallet Lift Truck F12, Operate a Mobile Elevating Work Platform MEWP C53, Operate Rough Terrain, LAEMTSA
Our Company Products and Training Services we offer


Our company Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Level 2 rating BBBEE as per Act 53 of 2003
Proudly an South African Registered Private Company and proudly manufactured in South Africa

Articulated Dump Truck, Backhoe Loader, Basic Fire Fighting, Basic Life Support and First Aid Procedures, Cherry Picker, Control Overhead Crane, Convey Dangerous Goods by Road Hazchem, Counterbalance Lift Trucks or Forklifts, Excavator.


Explain and perform fall arrest techniques when working at heights, Front End Loader, Grader, Hydraulic Scissor Jack, Maintaining Occupational Health Safety and General Housekeeping, Operate a Counterbalance Lift Truck, Operate a Defined Purpose Lift truck, Operate a Mobile Crane.


Operate a Side Loader Lift truck, Operate a Cab and Pendant Control Overhead Crane C30 and C31, Operate Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP), Operate a Pendant Control Overhead Crane, Operate a Power Pallet Lift Truck, Truck Mounted Crane, Order Picker, Pedestrian Controlled Stacker, Power Pallet, Reach Truck.


Rigging & Slinging, Roller, Rough Terrain Equipment Moffett F11 and Agrimac, Select Use and Care for Power Tools, Side Loader Lift Truck Combilift F10, Skidsteer, Telescopic Boom Handler, Tipper Truck, Tractor, Truck Mounted Cranes, Turret Truck, Water Cart

For a FULL list of al the training we do, please CLICK ON THIS LINK

Riaan De Witt

Owner Operator / Director

(South African)


082 517 8694

012 - 004 004 0


Mid Management & Administration

Louise De Witt

Finance & HR Manager

(South African)

Bethlehem (East Freestate)

058 - 004 0006


Herman Scholtz

Training & Compliance Manager & Company Assessor for MQA

(South African)

Brits (North West)

012 - 004 004 0


Norma Chavingira

Training & Compliance Manager & Company Assessor for TETA


Germiston (Gauteng)

012 - 004 004 0


Farayi Chavingira (Thabang)

Company Assessor for TETA


Germiston (Gauteng)

012 - 004 004 0


Chris De Witt

Training & Compliance Manager & Company Assessor for MQA

(South African)

Kakamas (Northern Cape)

058 - 004 0006


Mehluli Nkiwane (Raymond)

Company Assessor for TETA


Benoni (Gauteng)

012 - 004 004 0


Millicent Nkadimeng

SETA Data Capturing Administrator

(South African)

Mamelodi East (Gauteng)

012 - 004 004 0


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Fax: 086 520 9539

Somerset West, Cape Town, 7130

Waltloo, Pretoria, 0127

Postal Address:

PO Box 3860, Cape Town, 8000

We are awaiting full Accreditation on our "Company Accreditation Applications" with the following SETA's, which means, we are not yet Accredited with any of the following SETA'S, but are providing training through our "Memorandum of Understanding" MOU, with various Accredited Training Services Provider: MQA, TETA, CETA, AGRI, FP&M

Company Introduction

Lifting and Earthmoving Machine Training South Africa (Pty) Ltd was established in 2019 as a comprehensive Machine Operator Training Services Provider.  The companies main objective is to provide training to operators of various machines for the Lifting / Transport, Mining, Agricultural, Construction and Earthmoving and the Forestry Industries.

With over 150 Unit Standards on offer, we regard ourselves as an authority on machine training, and pride ourselves in the knowledge that we are one of only a very few companies accredited with the Big 5 Sector Education Training Authorities in the country, namely: MQA, TETA, CETA, AGRI and FP&M.

Training is in our blood, and every registered Assessor and Moderator is hand-picked for their respective skills.  We are a proud company, a dedicated company with old fashion values of going the extra mile in everything we do.  Our Assessors is well-spoken, punctual and committed to bringing you our client, only the best training service possible.  We have a high rate of success training "Novices" (a person new to and inexperienced in a job or situation) on any of our Unit Standards on offer.

Explaining the Hierarchy of the Training / Education Industry in South Africa is a complex, yet easy to understand channel of responsibilities, all starting with the Department of Higher Education. Various Government and Non Governmental bodies makes up the Education Sector for our country, of which all training responsibilities resort under the 21 official Sector Education Training Authorities in our country, also known and referred to by it's abbreviation namely SETA.

Let's now briefly describe the 5 Major Machine Operator SETA'S as mentioned above for which Lifting and Earthmoving Machine Training South Africa is mostly geared for, but not limited to.  Agriculture Sector Education Training Authority (AGRI SETA) - The AGRISETA is responsible for servicing the needs of the Agricultural Industry. Immediately when one thinks of the Agricultural Industry or Sector, AGRISA comes to mind, which stands for the South African Agricultural Industry Association, AGRI South Africa, and there website is to promote the growth, productivity, stability and sustainability of primary agriculture in South Africa through its involvement and input in and implementation of national and international policies. Their website is rich of relevant AGRI Information and a must visit for anybody related to the Agricultural Industry, and their website can be visited by following their website link on: https://www.agriseta.co.za/

Skills Development Training Advisors

Lifting and Earthmoving Machines & Equipment - First Aid Level 1, 2 & 3

Basic Fire Fighting - SHE Rep - TETA - CETA - FP&M - AGRI - MQA

Department Labour - Department Transport

Company Accreditation with the Department of Transport - Lifting and Earthmoving Machine Training South Africa
Company Accreditation with the Transport Education Training Authority SETA - TETA - Lifting and Earthmoving Machine Training South Africa
Company Accreditation with the Construction Education and Training Authority SETA - CETA - Lifting and Earthmoving Machine Training South Africa
Company Accreditation with the Mining Qualifications Authority SETA - MQA - Lifting and Earthmoving Machine Training South Africa
Company Accreditation with the South African Qualifications Authority - SAQA - Lifting and Earthmoving Machine Training South Africa


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