Maintaining Occupational Health, Safety and General Housekeeping

In this visual explanation is an illustration of one of our training products or training courses we provide to our cusomers, otherwise also known as a SAQA Unit Standard in the Education Training Industry of South Africa, namely Maintaining Occupational Health Safety and General Housekeeping, for which we provide training on as Lifting and Earthmoving Machine Training South Africa, in respect of the following Industries in South Africa, the Mining, Agricultural, Earthmoving, Construction, Transport, Lifting, Forestry and Logging Industries. Please visit our Training Page tab on our website’s menu for a full list of all the Unit Standards we do training on and get your quotation today. In addition this image may depict an actual product being sold on our Online Store, such as Personal Protective Gear and so forth.

Responsible Sector Education Training Authority or SETA:

Transport Education Training Authority or TETA

SAQA Unit Standard (US) Code: 8016
NQF Level 04
Number of Credits = 4
Field 11 - Services

Maintaining Occupational Health, Safety and General Housekeeping

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